our mission

We believe Chiropractic care is about more than just symptom relief. We help by incorporating functional rehab and soft tissue work . Taking an approach to health and wellness that builds upon chiropractic care. We tailor your care to your needs. We work with you to  correct the cause of the problem, after all, it’s your body, your health and your future. Dr. Brady's approach to health is believing that the power that made the body, heals the body. When the nervous system is compromised chiropractic adjustments relieve nerve interference so that the body can function optimally as it was made to. Our plan for you is to do more than just temporarily relieve your symptoms. We want to work with you to  correct the cause of the problem. Do you suffer from back or neck pain, headache(s), sciatica, sports injury, been in an auto collision, or want to experience true health and wellness? Cascade Chiropractic Sports and Wellness can get you back on the road to health and an active life. 



Brady’s expertise goes further than just within the realm of chiropractics. He uses strength training, accessory work, mobility, and muscle activation exercises to help me with my imbalances. Since seeing him, I’ve noticed my neck and shoulder muscles are more relaxed and my general discomfort after training overhead movements has lessened. He gives you homework exercises to do for maintenance and genuinely cares about my progress.
— Myia
I started seeing Brady after suffering a lower back injury. He has been able to help build up my core strength while treating the lower back injury. It’s been great to have someone who is familiar with the type of training that athletes endure while giving technique tips to prevent future injury. I highly recommend Brady to anyone looking to maintain their health or get back up to full strength!
— Nick
Being a Crossfit coach and athlete, I am so grateful to have Dr. Brady in my corner. Any ache and pain, he can find the source and execute a solution. I suffer from debilitatig back pain, which stemmed from a knee injury, but it wasnt until working with Brady did I learn how to start fixing this. Very knowledgeable and intentional. I highly recommend this one!
— Lindsay
Brady has been a huge help to me! I have been a tennis player for 30+ years and it’s really starting to wear on my body. He has treated my plantar fasciitis, tendinitis in my Achilles and tendinitis in my knees. My body feels great now, but I know if it doesn’t, Brady will fix it. I look forward to our appointments!!
— Rebecca
As I continue my fitness journey into my late 40’s I’ve shifted my focus to injury prevention versus dealing with an injury post occurence. For this reason I’ve come to count on the amazing care, knowledge, and insights Brady provides. He genuinely cares for his patients and is highly engaged in the community providing free clinics for athletes of all ages and capabilities. I am more knowledgeable, flexible, and aware because of his care.
— Jim