Coming SOON!!


I had a vision of what my practice would look like since before I started school. A total of 6 years later, knowledge gained at Cleveland University Kansas-City and time as an Associate at a sports rehab and wellness clinic in the Columbia River Gorge, I'm opening my own practice! Let me tell you, the plan and practice that I had in my mind some 6 years ago, looks nothing like what has come to fruition. I feel that's for the best, as my simple mind back then could not imagine the huge impact that I could have working on the East side of Seattle. I'm ecstatic, giddy, and ready to announce my teaming up with Cascade Crossfit in the I-90 Preston Industrial Park, opening within their gym!

So I have been working hard to get our space inside of Cascade Crossfit ready. It's been a journey, we've been working hard to get the gym space optimized and ready and the guys and gals at Cascade Crossfit have done a wonderful job! That being said, I'm wrapping up the finishing details and looking to begin seeing patients as early as January 15th!

I'm really excited to have you along for the journey!

Brady Seaman